Your Interview With Anuwat
This was YOUR interview with Anuwat Kaewsamrit, these questions were emailed in by the readers of Muaythai Online.

Anuwat is not just any top Thai fighter, he is the current Fighter of the Year as voted for by the Sports Writers Association of Thailand! He has seen the Muaythai Online web site and is looking forward to receiving your questions.

Fighting out of Kaewsamrit between 122 and 125 pounds (55-57kg) he is the current Rajadamnern Stadium Champion. He won his fight against Singdam Keatmoo9 on 4th May and this fight decided the special award. Singdam is the current Thailand Champion at Featherweight and is a hot favourite to take the Lumpinee title this year. Anuwat won the fight with a devastating right cross knocking Singdam clean out in the third round. This is the second time Anuwat has knocked out Singdam. Anuwat is currently one of Thailand's hottest properties now.

Anuwat with his belts

How many fights have you had?
From Kamil Bober, Poland

I have fought 92 times with 67 wins 21 losses and 4 draws

Dear Anuwat,
I'm an English teacher from America and I've been practicing Muay Thai for almost two years at a couple different gyms. I don't compete but I really like learning the different techniques.
I have seen and read about you online recently and I would like to ask you some questions:
1.) What made you decide to become a professional Muay Thai fighter and how old were you when you started training?
2.) Have you trained with a lot of foreigners over the years?
3.) Do you plan to become a coach or open your own camp after you retire?
4.) Would you like to have a fight in the West someday?
Thanks and Congratulations on your titles!

Thanks Seth,
1:I first came up to Kaewsamrit from the south of Thailand and didn't really know what I wanted to do, or how far I wanted to go with my fight career, it was only after my first fight at Ratchadamneon stadium I realised I wanted to be a top MuayThai boxer and make a name for myself as well as some money. I started serious training at 13 and had my first fight when I was 14.

2: Yes I have trained with several over the years with quite a few Japanese coming to the gym and lately more western fighters.

3:I would prefer to go abroad and teach and get experience of foreign cultures.

4: I would love the chance to fight in the West.

Sawat-dii khrap
You are currently one of the most popular top fighters in Thailand, congratulation for your achievement. I've never seen any of your fight but there is a lot of information on the Internet about the few last against Singdam or Kongpipop, your devastating punches are becoming famous even if you're filled with all the muaythai arsenal. Is there any fighter from the past generation who influenced the way you fight ?
I also would like to know if there is still a muaythai fighter that you would like to fight against ? it's because you have a lot of fans who are requesting a fight against Saenchai S. Kingstar who's also an outstanding fighter. What do you think about this kind of fight ?
Thank you for reply, I hope that the rest of your career will be as successful for the future. khawp khun Khrap.
A muaythai fan from France. Nicolas Boisson

1: I had heard of the reputation of Samransak Muangsurin when I was younger, but the only real influence on my style of fighting came from the owner of Kaewsamrit Mr Anan Chantip who really pushed me with my punching from the start.

2:Right now I will fight whoever is put in front of me. Right now there are a lot of fighters want to fight me as I won the fighter of the year award and they want to get the chance to beat me. I am just happy to keep fighting regularly and hopefully winning.

3:This is a fight that a lot of fans want to see and now they will get the chance on the 25th of October.

Anuwat wins by KO

My name is Andre and I'm from Portugal and train in Lisbon. My questions are:
At what age did you start training?
In what consists your training (sparring,bag work..) ?
Do you train every day and how many hours a day?
Joao Andrade, Portugal

Hi Andre. I started at 13 years old.
My day starts at 6am with a 10 kilometre run followed by 3 rounds of bag work and 5 rounds of pads, 2 of those concentrating on punches, then I will do clinch work and some conditioning exercises, in the afternoon I will start with 30 minutes skipping followed by 4 rounds of bag work and 8 rounds of pad work again 2 of those rounds working just boxing, then more clinch work and a 3 kilometre warm down jog.
I train for approximately 6 hours a day except for Sunday when I rest.

1. How does it feel to have achieved so much at such a young age and what challenges lie ahead of you?
2. What do you think about Bukaow's win and do you hope there will be a K-1 even suitable for fighters your size so you could compete on the world stage?
3. What other fighters, both Muay Thai and boxing do you most admire?
From Scott Marr (currently having a break from Training!)- Thanks!

Thank you for your compliment. I feel very proud to have achieved so much already and just take everything one fight at a time.

I think its great for Thailand and also great for the recognition of Muaythai. I think there will be in the future and would love a chance to compete.

The 3 main fighters I admire are Kreukchai Kaewsamrit (sor Ketalingchan) for his hard work and responsibility when training to fight and also because he has taught me so much. Samransak Muangsurin and Nuathoranee Wor Thaweekiat who I trained with when I was starting out and was a big star.

Hello Anuwat
Will you be fighting in the U.K. in the next 2 years?
I think Liam Harrison from bad company gym will be ready to fight you then. good luck with the future
Kevin Harrison

I can't be sure about fights that far in the future but if the chance came I would love to visit England and fight.

Are you ever scared before a fight? If so how do you overcome this?
From Majad, Manchester, England

No I don't get scared at all. In my early fights I would suffer a little from prefight nerves but I don't get that anymore. I can't wait for the first bell to start the fight.

What is the best way to gain strength and speed in your weak arm such as the jab?
From Cody Rich

The best way is to just keep working on the technique you want to improve.

There has been some speculation that you might consider moving to western boxing, if that was the case how do you think you would fair against the top Featherweights like Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao or Marco Antonio Barrera?
Many thanks
Justin Downing, Keddles Gym

To be honest I don't know too much about the international boxing scene but I would love the chance to fight under International rules. It will definitely happen at some point in the future but I will wait until my management feel the time is right.

Thank you for the interview and all your questions!

Anuwat post-fight

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